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Why The hidden logic of our emotions

Author: Dan Ariely

Is a pizza, a nice compliment or a pay raise more motivating? At work (and not only) we often delude ourselves that we know how to motivate others (and ourselves). But what is it that really drives people to take action? What are the levers to influence them positively? As Dan Ariely shows us, the answer we have is not always the right one and the risk of demotivating someone is always around the corner, especially if, as often happens, we reduce everything to an economic question. In this book, which takes up and deepens his famous speech Ted, Ariely gives us examples drawn from his experience and the results of fascinating social experiments with original tools such as Lego and origami. Step by step, clear evidence emerges: if we manage to question the traditional vision of work, a legacy of the industrial age still considered by many as an undisputed truth, we will realize that the meaning we attribute to what we do, the emotional attachment to our creations and the feeling of accomplishment we derive from them affect motivation far more than money. Because it aims to explore a profound dimension of existence by throwing light on the logic hidden behind a universally human theme, which we will rediscover much more complex and fascinating than we are used to considering it.

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