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Dzii pendant with engraved silver bezel

Closely related to the Buddhist tradition, e Tibetan in particular, is a small object of great symbolic strength and extraordinary prestige: it dzi is gzhi ditto zii -bright, light, shine- it is made with a fragment of agate usually cylindrical or oblong in shape, sometimes with half-moon hints.

What distinguishes it from a normale piece of stone, and peculiar feature of the dziis the color, even more precisely the streaks and patterns that can be read on its surface; generally black and white or brown and white, it dzi on the outside it has a series of motifs, natural in the authentic and ancient elements, as well as created by the craftsman who prepares it, which can be circular, oval, square, with waves and stripes as in the most typical Tibetan custom.

Belonging to this extraordinary culture, the dzi however, they are present throughout the hi areamalayana, from Bhutan to Ladakh, up to another Indian region, the Sikkin but also in Pakistan and Afghanistan as in Buddhist China, where the meaning of stone of paradise, pearl of heaven.

Worn by men and women and inserted into traditional jewels, they were also used as an ornament both for statues and for altars inside temples, in relation to the fact that not believing these stones earthly but of divine origin, they were therefore the prerogative of the deities; to these pearls were attributed prerogatives of spiritual well-being and defense against any possible difficulty, capable of developing a positive balance.

Virtually unknown outside this area, the dzi they became famous in the West when the monks, fleeing their native land due to the Chinese invasion and exiles therefore without any possessions, used them as a commodity, depriving themselves of this immense treasure in order to also meet their needs of sustenance.

Each dzi è only, because each one is attributed its own distinctive value and a special intrinsic meaning, linked to its symbolism: the most widespread belief held that whoever possessed it would be inundated with a large amount of benefits, such as protection, prosperity, well-being, luck ...

Considering the stone itself as a carrier of good energy, it is therefore easy to think that if combined with decorative prophylactic motifs it would have significantly increased its special characteristics, thus becoming even more powerful.

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