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Ayurvedic toothpaste - Vicco

A natural toothpaste obtained by mixing 20 different herbs, roots, plants and barks well known for centuries in Ayurvedic literature for their whitening and refreshing qualities with astringent and strengthening action.

Vicco toothpaste, in addition to hindering the factors that facilitate the onset of caries, is particularly active in the prevention of gum disease, counteracting the formation of tartar, refreshing and perfuming the breath.

The strength of Vicco Toothpaste Paste lies in its Ayurvedic composition, which exploits the skilful processing techniques, offering a natural product with an unmistakable flavor. Twenty types of plants, flowers, roots and herbs are the basis of the recipe.

The ancient processing techniques allow the active ingredients to remain unchanged, helping to prevent tooth decay and the formation of tartar.

The strength of Vicco Toothpaste Paste is also found in the ability to treat and protect the gums, as it contains emollient and protective principles that help keep them in perfect health.

Use: apply a small amount of paste on the toothbrush and massage vertically

Made in India

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