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Panel 5 Dhyani Buddha

According to mystical Buddhism, there are five families of Buddha at the head of which are the 5 transcendent Buddhas who symbolize the purity of the 5 aggregates of body and mind: form, sensations, perceptions, consciousness and will. They also symbolize the modality through which Buddhahood takes place and develops, that is, the ways of being of the condition of a Buddha, his qualities of mind, speech and body.
This is Buddha Dhyani; they have different looks and colors but we can also think of them as different manifestations of a single Buddha, representing the aspects of the total experience of enlightenment on which spiritual transformation is based.
These five figures probably derive from the meditative experiences of Buddha's disciples, and over the centuries have established themselves as popular images of enlightenment; disciples who have realized the path, the method and the wisdom by purifying the 5 impure aggregates, manifesting the 5 Dhyani.
In the book of the dead the 5 Dhyani Buddhas are the pacifying deities that arise from the 1st -7th day of the third stage of the Bardo (the first two are the phases in which if we are enlightened we immediately reach liberation), of which we must recognize the radiant light, have faith in it, do not be intimidated by it and do not run away, otherwise we will be attracted by the dull light of the furious deities who represent the qualities opposite to those possessed by the Dhyani. Furious deities arise from the 8th to the 14th day and are a creation of our deluded mind, so when they arise, we knowing
this truth we must recognize in them the pacifying divinities even if these are transformed because they are clouded by our ignorance. When we recognize them then we must not be afraid even of the radiant light of the furious deities (which in reality they are not), we must have faith that they are not what they seem and we must not escape, otherwise we will still be forced to wander again in Samsara.
When depicted iconographically, the Dhyani Buddhas are characterized by a certain color, by a particular gesture of the hands (mudra), by certain animals that hold their throne and by a specific symbol or emblem.
They are:
• Buddha Vairochana
• Buddha Akshobhya
• Buddha Ratnasambhava
• Buddha Amitabha
• Buddha Amoghasiddhi

Dimension: 93 x 21 cm.

Hand-painted wood.

Origin Nepal.

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