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Now it's up to you

Author: Dzigar Kongtrul

Self-reflection is the practice, the path, the mental attitude that characterizes all the spiritual traditions that derive from the teaching of the Buddha. It requires the courage to carefully examine all thoughts and emotions that continually arise in the mind, including doubts, insecurities, self-centered tendencies, habitual reactions that seem to contradict its enlightened nature and scoff at the most assiduous spiritual practice. It is a patient self-examination, observing and witnessing every mental movement without accepting what is positive and rejecting what is negative, without making judgments, without attaching too much meaning or too much importance to it: simply, letting every thought be, accepting every emotion, letting go. and come any mental event without intervening. It can be painful to deal with the less elevated aspects of the mind, with an ego that never abandons its claims and its flattery, but it is essential if you do not want spiritual practice to be just another pastime split from everyday life and unable to a real change. The secret, as always, is not to take yourself too seriously. Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche quotes the Buddha's words: “I have shown you the way to liberation. Now freeing yourselves is up to you ”and he makes them his own, urging disciples and readers to take their own lives in hand, to examine their mind and experience because, if they do not take responsibility for them, not even the buddhas will be able to change them.

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