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Today I am cloud, tomorrow rainbow

Author: Davide Viola

When we talk about mindfulness we are referring to a state of full awareness of the present moment: it is openness to life, to emotions and sensations as they present themselves moment by moment, breath by breath. It is not a question of repairing something broken, but of creating something new on existing potential. Today's children are involved in numerous commitments and they too can feel the stress of everyday life: school, homework, sports, excess of obligations, relationships with peers, parents and siblings. Mindfulness can teach you to be calmer, able to concentrate, able to manage and overcome the small or big difficulties in life, skilled in dealing with stress in order to fully enjoy every moment. Written in a simple and fluent language, aimed directly at children between 7 and 12 years old, "Today I am a cloud, tomorrow a rainbow" suggests in an easy and fun way simple exercises, games, cards to complete, stories to reflect and mandalas to color. to teach the little ones the importance of awareness and mindfulness, to grow more serene, happy and self-confident. Age of reading: from 7 years.


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