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Nothing special

Author: Charlotte Joko Beck

Reading these pages we find ourselves in a Zen center, during a weekend of practice, struggling with the problems and difficulties of meditation, mobilized by the effort to improve ourselves and to ignore those terrible cramps in the ankles; yet we are in life, well immersed in its reality: work, career, children, love. Living Zen, according to the author, is nothing special: only life as it is, without the dreams and fantasies with which we continuously try to postpone the encounter with the here, the now, the this . We want to protect ourselves from reality, but the escape from the present experience, from the ordinariness of life, prevents us from really living and imprisons us in a trap of frustration. We cannot expect the world, a book, or whatever else to fit us perfectly and be how we want it. Life is as it is, work is as it is, the world is as it is, and perhaps, if we know how to accept it as it is, we will wake up to its meaning. If Charlotte Joko Beck's first book, Zen Everyday, brought the insights of Zen into ordinary life, this volume extends and deepens her teaching, which has proved so effective not only to better understand Zen in the West, but also to transform your life.

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