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Ngakpas. In the Tibetan yogi village

Author: Claudio Genghini

Claudio Genghini tells with his extraordinary images that vibrate in limpid, bright colors, a ngakpa community living in Tibet.

The Ngakpa tradition is a non-monastic cultural and spiritual tradition of the Tibetan people. They are lay practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism and especially of Tantric Buddhism.

The non-monastic tradition of the ngakpas was founded in the XNUMXth century by Rimpoche so that everyone could receive spiritual and philosophical training until then exclusive privilege of the monks.

In Gyawo Chuja village time passes slowly: every morning, ritually, the incense brazier lights up in the temple courtyard and life begins between prayers and work.

A harmonious and simple life.

The villagers have integrated themselves into the new social world: among them we find entrepreneurs, employees, teachers, craftsmen and artists, while continuing their spiritual and meditative activity that have been handed down for centuries with a pure lineage.

An exciting photo book, to browse, to give, to show to friends.

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