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Copper prayer reel

Laptops or tables accompany the daily life of Tibetans. They contain within them prayers / mantras written on rolls of paper or cloth. By spinning the reel clockwise, the prayers contained in it are allowed to spread for the benefit of all humanity.

Prayer reels (from Tibetan: chokor)

In a country of shepherds and monks believed to be very close to heaven, where one of the main occupations is prayer, the prayer mill is certainly the object of the best known Buddhist ritual and the best companion for pilgrims and all believers. Its name - chokor - means "to rotate the doctrine": it symbolizes the first sermon of the Buddha with which Buddhist doctrine was initiated. Its interior contains mantras or sacred texts written on paper or parchment.
The mill must be rotated in the direction of the solar rotation (clockwise) and each turn is equivalent to a reading of the prayers it contains. Set in motion, it often emits a slight crunch that testifies to the rising of the prayers in flight and their dispersion to the four winds.

Dimension: 20 x 7 cm.

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