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Myths of India and Buddhism

Author: Sister Nivedita - Ananda Kumarasvami

In the primitive history of mankind Asia formed as a vast breeding ground of civilization, of which lands such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Italy, India and China were the extremities. Greece and still more India formed what may be called a cradle of one epoch after another, each leaving deposits, which none of the successive waves could entirely cover. In India we can discover, as in no other part of the world, the means of studying the succession of the various epochs of civilization. In some fundamental books known as the Puranas, in the epic poem called the Ramayana and, most perfectly of all, in the Mahabharata, myths and tales are collected, transmitted for centuries by heart. In these texts we feel the influence of races on races that settled in that geographical area; here the agricultural nations grew up; here the real mixes with the myth. We discover stories of ancient peoples and glimpses of light on the origin of the human race.

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