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Mindfulness and brain

Author: Daniel J. Siegel

"Welcome to this journey into the heart of our life." So Daniel Siegel invites us to join him in an enlightening exploration of what it means to live in the here-and-now, to be "mindful aware". Mindfulness is by no means a new practice. Ancient cultures and religions around the world rely on different methods, from meditation to yoga to tai chi, to help people achieve well-being by attuning to the present. Siegel integrates cutting-edge research findings with the wisdom of mindfulness practices to demonstrate how this learnable ability really works and how cultivating it can enrich our lives. Awareness of the experience unfolding in the present moment creates an attunement with ourselves that activates; specific brain circuits, inducing a wide range of beneficial effects, from emotional balance to improved cardiac functioning. Developing these traits allows us to face life's challenges with a new sense of balance and clarity.

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