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Mindfulness method 56 days to happiness

Author: Mark Williams - Danny Penman

“If you have picked up this book, you have likely wondered several times why the peace and happiness you so aspire to have slipped out of your fingers so often. Why is such an important part of life characterized by frenetic activity, anxiety, stress, exhaustion of energy? These are questions that we too have puzzled over, for years and years; now we think that science has finally found the answers. " The Mindfulness Method exposes a series of simple but effective practices to break the vicious circle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and overexertion. A 56-day program capable of giving us a sincere joy of living to face even the most complicated situations with renewed courage. “Mindfulness Method” is based on “Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy”, the cognitive therapy based on the practice of awareness or “mindfulness” developed by Professor Mark Williams of the University of Oxford together with other colleagues. This book shows how, with an investment of a few minutes a day, it is possible to enjoy these extraordinary effects and quickly return to regain control of one's life to finally enjoy it to the fullest.

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