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Metamedicine 2.0

Author: Claudia Rainville

Read symptoms as body messages. A simple key, based on a huge number of cases, to understand what's behind one malattia and heal. From the Greek meta, “beyond”, Metamedicine goes far beyond the elimination of pain and the disappearance of symptoms; it does not conflict with conventional medicine but is presented as a complementary tool, which many doctors now use. 10 years of work in the field of microbiology have provided the author with the rigor and method of investigation and analysis necessary for a research that lasted more than 25 years, which was inspired by the personal experience of malattia (cancer, chronic back pain, nervous depression and a number of operations) and from complete self-healing. The assumptions of Metamedicine, that is the correlation between symptom and root cause, are today confirmed by the personal experience of thousands of men and women. If you are among those who question the profound meaning of theirs malattia, this book could lead you to the ultimate causes and initiate a true self-healing process.

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