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Guided meditation Feed your demons.

The practice of Chod to resolve internal conflicts

Author: Tsultrim Allione

Demons are not a "Buddhist concept", they are our difficulties, events and facts that happen in life.

Depression, anxiety, malattia, eating disorders, difficult relationships, fear, anger, addiction:
the more we fight against our demons, whatever they are, the stronger they become.

Lama Tsultrim Allione introduces the Western world to a practice developed from the teachings of one of the great Tibetan teachers, Machig Labdrön, providing an effective method to deal with inner enemies, such as depression, self-hatred, anxiety, relational problems, addictions and all the emotional states that upset daily life, represented as demons.

The teaching of Machig Labdrön is to feed, not fight, our demons,
so that the energy that is stuck, trapped in our demon, becomes our ally,
and the demon our protector.

Lama Tsultrim Allione teaches an accessible and powerful practice at the same time, guiding us through this meditation, consisting of five phases.

On the audio CD attached to this book you will find The Practice Chöd of Feed your Demons.

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