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Meditating is good

Author: Thanavaro

Meditation is the art of living. In observing the body, mind and emotions we realize that much of our own malessere arises when we are unable to accept what happens to us. The resulting suffering accentuates rigidity and fear and takes us away from understanding and love. Meditation, as confirmed by the most recent scientific discoveries, if practiced regularly is an effective tool for increasing psychophysical well-being. The gradual development of inner peace and positive emotions helps to neutralize the negative effects of stress and to beneficially influence existing problems, such as hypertension, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances. Through the subtle awareness that is activated with meditation, we discover the profound meaning of existence and the possibility of living with greater tranquility and inner peace. Based on thirty years of meditative experience under the guidance of the greatest wisdom masters of our time, Thanavaro presents, in an understandable and in-depth way, the millenary practice of meditation as a universal tool for finding well-being and peace. With illustrations, exercises, tips and teachings.

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