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Zen Buddhism Manual

Author: DT Suzuki

In this small but very dense anthology, DT Suzuki has chosen and brought together some of the most famous compositions of Zen literature. The collection includes the most important Buddhist sutras used by Zen, such as the Prajnaparamita-hridayasutra, the Lankavatara Sutra or the Surangama Sutra; then come some works by Chinese and Japanese masters, including Seng-t'san's Treatise on Faith in the Mind, Hakuin's Song of Meditation and a speech by Huang-po from the Treatise on the Essence of Mind Transmission. The selection is completed by a series of gathas (short poems of a religious nature) and dharani (sacred Buddhist hymns), the reproduction of the "Ten images of the ox hunt" and a description of the images found in Zen monasteries in Japan. . The "Ten Images of the Ox Hunt" is an attempt to gradually illustrate the development of understanding of Zen. The ox represents the mind, and the ten images show the progressive 'training', through various stages: from research and discovery, gradually towards the 'Return home', the vision of the void and finally the 'Entry into the City', the return to the world of everyday life, which is perhaps the most important step of the whole discipline

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