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Clinical manual of biofeedback

Author: IZ Khazan

This book stems from the clinical experience gained by the author at Harvard Medical School. It is this experience that allows her to present biofeedback as a structured clinical approach that allows us to better understand the nature of many disorders and to optimize their treatments. Clear, scientifically based protocols guide the therapist to deal with common ailments, such as headache, hypertension and chronic pain. But the novelty that makes the book unique is the functional contextualist perspective that integrates the practice of biofeedback with that of mindfulness and acceptance techniques, in harmony with the developments of third generation cognitive-behavioral therapy. A manual that provides precise instructions for recording the various physiological parameters involved in mindfulness practices, and for carrying out complex interventions based on robust research and precise treatment protocols: an indispensable tool for those who want to perfect their clinical competence by adding biofeedback. . Last but not least, the value of this edition is the care taken in the translation, which allows the Italian reader a full understanding of the terminology and principles of a practice that in the past could appear to be usable only by professionals trained in this field.


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