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Author: Lama Thubten Yeshe

According to Tibetan Buddhism, Mahamudra is one of the most advanced teachings of the Buddha. The Sanskrit term, literally 'great seal', indicates the true nature of reality, or the emptiness and non-duality that characterizes all phenomena, including sentient beings. In Mahamudra meditation there is no doctrine, theology or philosophy, there is no god or buddha. We go beyond name, shape and color, beyond the relative, beyond the self-image, beyond compassion. With our consciousness we can experience the universal, the infinite. We can simply be in the experience of wholeness. In this book, the result of a two-week retreat held in 1981 in Australia, Lama Yeshe is inspired by a famous text by the First Panchen Lama, "The main road of the victorious", which sets out in a few pages the essential instructions for overcoming distractions. , rest in the clarity of one's mind and finally penetrate, with subtle awareness, its ultimate nature, its emptiness. A practical approach, based on meditation, which is illustrated by Lama Yeshe in his usual, simple and informative stylemale, full of humor and human warmth.
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