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Zen soto and koans

Author: Dario Doshin Girolami

This is a book of questions, not answers. In fact, Zen masters ask the right questions, because it is the questions that are full of life, full of possibilities. In the Zen Soto tradition, koans, ancient stories of enlightenment, are used to identify the questions that need to be asked to investigate in the right direction. That is why in this book you will find - in the comments of the koans, and according to the Soto Zen style - many questions and certainly not the solutions to the koans. Twenty Zen stories, twenty stories of enlightenment, timeless. Although the protagonists lived in Buddha-era India, Ancient China or medieval Japan, what they accomplished transcends the boundaries of space and time. It was valid then in the East and is valid today in the West. The book not only presents a commentary on the koans but also a guide to Zen meditation practice, which allows you to rediscover the fullness of existence. Zen is in fact life, our life.

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