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Tibetan yoga

Author: Ian a. Baker

«The foundation of Tibetan yoga is aimed at the transformation of the human condition, its liberation from internal demeaning conflict and dissatisfaction, awakening the empathy that transcends the self and compassionate activity. Inherent in this worldview is an experience of consciousness that transcends individual concern and expresses the integral and interconnected intelligence of life itself. Tibetan yoga starts from the consideration that we are larger than we consciously recognize and, from the moment that awareness extends beyond its usual space, we are able not only to transform ourselves but also the space around us. This is the view expressed in this book. Despite the cultural attribution to Tibet in the title, the "natural state" to which Tibetan yoga refers is the intrinsic gift of all humanity. This text does not claim to be more than an open door to the vastness of unfathomed human potential. It does not intend to replace a systematic training given by the direct guidance of an expert teacher of the tradition, nor to offer an illuminating point of view on the life and teachings of the historical Buddha and the tantric mahasiddhas of ancient India, Tibet and neighboring regions. On the contrary, it offers a visual and anthropological overview of the central practices and views of the internal Tantric Buddhist tradition, correlating them, this is relevant, with contemporary scientific research, and revealing how these principles have been encoded in himalayana ".


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