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Tibetan Yoga and secret doctrines

Author: WY Evans-Wentz

This volume contains the only Western language edition of seven treatises, translated from Tibetan, four in manuscript and three in woodcut plates, belonging to the esoteric tradition of the Mahayana. The first four offer a faithful description of the yogic practices that Milarepa successfully put into practice when he retired as a hermitage on the rugged snowy solitudes of the himalayani. For the followers of Milarepa today they still constitute the Light that illuminates the Path that leads to Liberation. In the fifth treatise we find elements whose origin must be traced in all probability to the ancient Bön faith long before the birth of Tibetan Buddhism. The sixth treatise illustrates the characteristics of Mantra Yoga and Yantra Yoga. The seventh is an epitome of the doctrines of "Transcendent Wisdom", known in Tibetan as S'erp'yin and in Sanskrit as Prajñaparamita, and is a typical example of the orthodox metaphysics that underlies the whole of Lamaism. Most books on Tibetan religions are nothing more than travelers' diaries, while a methodologically grounded study must be based on original documents. Hence the need for a carefully critical, minutely annotated translation of some of the most fascinating and most important religious teachings handed down in writing from Tibet.

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