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The teaching of the Buddha

Author: Walpola Rahula

Walpola Rahula, the first Buddhist monk to become holder of a university chair in the West, offered with this book an introduction to Buddhism which, sixty years after its publication, preserves its freshness and relevance and remains essential for anyone who wants approach this millenary tradition. With a simple and accessible language and a clear and direct exposition, corroborated by a constant reference to the words of the Buddha, Rahula touches all the classical places of Buddhist doctrine and ethics, from the Four Noble Truths to the Eightfold Path, from the notion of non-self to the different forms of meditation. Rahula also proposes to adapt, without betraying it, the Buddha's teaching to the needs of modern and secular life, highlighting its usefulness and eminent pragmatism and answering the questions that anyone interested in Buddhism is destined to ask: the Path of medium is a religion or a philosophy? What does it mean to "live in the present moment"? What is nirvaṇa, and who achieves it if there is no "I"? And again: is Buddhism an unattainable ideal or, on the contrary, is it practicable even in today's world?

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