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Freedom from the known

Author: J. Krishnamurti

This book offers a summary of Krishnamurti's thinking about the human condition and the eternal problems of life. His words are drawn from more than a hundred speeches, which date back to the most productive year of his life. It was Krishnamurti himself who asked Mary Lutyens, his great friend and author of his only complete biography (The life and death of Krishnamurti, Ubaldini, Rome 1990), to compile this book for him, suggesting its title. The words are his, unaltered; the arrangement, intended to facilitate the reader's understanding, is by Mary Lutyens. According to Krishnamurti it is possible to change ourselves radically at any age, not over a long period of time but instantly, and by changing ourselves it is possible to change the whole structure of society and our relationships. The vital need for change and its necessity are the essence of what Krishnamurti wants to communicate. One cannot speak of Krishnamurti's teaching because he himself does not pose as a teacher; one cannot speak of his philosophy because he does not want to be called a philosopher. Krishnamurti himself says that his words are only a mirror in which to look at them. Whoever knows how to look intrepidly at himself in the mirror of his words will never be the same again, but if the mirror is misted by the warm breath of discord, absolutely nothing will be seen.


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