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Free everyone

Author: Lama Zopa

Free all. Free from everything is a collection of advice from Lama Zopa, the spiritual director of Liberation Prison Projecr, in response to letters sent to him over the years by people detained in prisons around the world.

Usually, his letters were three or four pages long, but it was not uncommon for them to reach fifteen or twenty typewritten sheets.

One man received a letter of as much as forty-five pages! Rinpoche spent a lot of time dictating his correspondence, returning to it over and over over the course of the days, carefully choosing the most suitable practices and books for each, finding creative ways to present the teachings, and always encouraging everyone to never give up and use the time in prison in the most beneficial way possible for one's spiritual growth. The letters were collected and reorganized by the Venerable Robina Courtin.

The extent of compassion and sincere love that Rinpoche offers to the people who write to him is incredible.

It encourages them to never give up on developing their human potential and their ability to help others. Advice that, in hindsight, are not only suitable for those serving a sentence in prison, but for all of us.

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