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Life lessons. What death and dying teach us about life and living

Author: Elisabeth Kubler- Ross - David Kessler

Is this really the way I want to live my life? This is the central question, the only one truly essential to recognize the most authentic aspects of our existence, those that give meaning to our permanence in the world. In an accessible and engaging exhibition and through the examination of situations they experienced, the two authors communicate the ideas and conclusions they arrived at after years of work alongside the malayou terminate. Life is a path of inner growth in which slowly, even through traumatic experiences, we bring out the best part of us. To follow it, however, it is necessary to have an attitude of openness towards the lessons that life offers us about love, fear, loss and mourning, time, relationships with others. Among all, the one about death is perhaps the most important, because if we want to grow we must accept our mortality as an essential trait of our being, which gives depth and meaning to our existence.


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