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The heart essence of the Dharmakaya

Author: ST Gyaltsen

The bön, the religion followed in Tibet before the spread of Buddhism in the XNUMXth century AD. C., has been considered for years a mixture of ancient magical and shamanic practices of little interest except to the anthropologist. Today, that Tibetan religions are increasingly known and practiced all over the world, the fundamental role it played in shaping Tibetan culture and spirituality is finally acknowledged. But it is not only the scholars of the history of religions who are interested in it, even the meditators, following meditation masters who transmit both Buddhist and Bönpo teachings and who consider themselves heirs of both lineages, begin to discover in this very ancient spiritual tradition, which is preserved intact for centuries alongside Buddhism, an excellent way to attain enlightenment. This text, one of the few accessible meditative instruction manuals in Western languages, outlines a complete picture of dzogchen bönpo practices: the preliminary practices, the practice of trekchö, the practice of tögel, the bardo and the practice of phowa. Written by a master for the use of his disciples, and enriched with commentary by Lopon Tenzin Namdak, founder of the Dolanji Monastic University for Bönpo Studies, it is an excellent introduction to a religion unjustly considered a pure corollary of Buddhism.

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