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Emotional leadership

Author: Daniel Goleman

There are no more leaders than they used to be. Bad news? No, maybe it's better this way. Now that the concept of emotional intelligence has fully entered our society, the old and worn out conception of leadership based on power and authority has also been definitively undermined. Because leadership and technical skills are no longer enough to get results, make ends meet, save businesses and organizations from bankruptcy. It is necessary to be able to mobilize the best energies of one's work group, to know how to play on the deep motivations of each one and at the same time to clearly analyze one's own, to practice the difficult art of self-control and criticism without giving up empathy. In this book, Daniel Goleman explains how to be better, more efficient and more loved bosses. With a warning: adopting a single style of leadership is no longer enough. The leadership of the future is fluid: depending on the circumstances, we should assume the characteristics of the visionary leader, the “coach” one, the federator, the democrat, the relentless and the authoritarian. Because knowing how to govern and manage the moods of those who work with us is the key to harmony and creative talent that alone can guarantee economic and cultural development, in small business communities as well as in society as a whole.

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