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The elementary energies of Tantra

Author: Ngakpa Chogyam

Every emotion, feeling or sensation is a manifestation of our original nature. Unfortunately, the inability to abandon ourselves to direct experience and the fear of living here and now, without continuously comparing the immediate data with our reference systems, prevent us from using the immense energy of emotions and recognizing in every mental state, positive or negative, an aspect of our naturally free Being. Starting from an exploration of the tantric symbolism of the five natural elements and the five colors, the author outlines a simple and effective method for working with emotions. Thanks to the deep awareness developed with the practice of Scine meditation, we can learn to abandon ourselves to life without expectations or preconceptions, without embroidering on sensations, without creating a personal version of the world with stylized perceptions. Not the least valuable of the volume are the Tibetan calligraphies, drawn by the author with a very personal technique explained in the Appendix, and used as a method to discover oneself with ink and brush.

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