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The basics of craniosacral biodynamics. Vol 1

Author: Franklin Sills

Craniosacral biodynamics is a somatic approach to well-being that is characterized by its delicacy and effectiveness in treating a wide range of traumas and dysfunctions. It is based on the operator's ability to maintain a state of presence oriented to the client's innate healing capacity: the training therefore includes a profound learning of perceptual skills and personal centering, parallel to the study of anatomy, physiology and dynamics of primary respiration. In The Basics of Craniosacral Biodynamics, Franklyn Sill, pioneer of the subject, offers students and operators a guide that accompanies them step by step, until they master the perceptive and clinical skills necessary in the biodynamic approach. Drawing inspiration from industry developments since the time of his groundbreaking first textbook Craniosacral Biodynamics, Sills provides us with theoretical and practical debates as well as a wide range of exercises and explorations that are used in accredited training courses.


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