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The 5 Tibetan meditations of authentic happiness

Author: B.Alan Wallace

Meditative calm, the four applications of attention, the four immeasurable, the yoga of dreams, the Dzogchen: these are the essential meditative forms to achieve authentic happiness. Our civilization, overloaded with stimuli, leads us to seek happiness outside, in vain attempts to bend nature to our will, to acquire wealth and fame, or to conquer something or someone, with the only result of becoming dependent. from this something or someone. Despite everything is constantly changing, in fact, we persist in basing our happiness on something or someone unreliable ... which regularly results in frustration. The heart of the Buddhist teaching, proposed here in a Tibetan key, consists instead in finding an authentic, lasting happiness, based on the progressive access to our abundant inner resources, and to an unchanging, joyful, lucid, compassionate, equitable, loving inner state ... Based on more than thirty years of study under the direction of the Dalai Lama and on a 2500-year-old tradition, the Author shows us the way to draw on these resources, essentializing it in five absolutely universal meditations, presented in a way that can benefit from it directly, regardless of his religious or philosophical convictions. If you can incorporate these five meditations into your daily life, you will find that the happiness you have always sought was just a few minutes of meditation from you.


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