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The audacity to live

Author: Arnaud Desjardins

Why are we humans so afraid of dying? The answer of Desjardins, Western teacher of the Vedanta school, is peremptory: because we have never really lived. And which malediction, continues Desjardins, has prevented us from expressing what we really are and from explaining ourselves to life, if not the fear of living? Undoubtedly, despite its apparent permissiveness, our civilization is by no means aimed at developing within us the capacity to express what we really are. Indeed, the excessive importance it attaches to purely intellectual values ​​and abstract knowledge does not favor the expression of one's feelings and their acceptance. The proliferation of often ephemeral and superficial models proposed by the media only adds to confusion. Now more than ever it is difficult to be who you are, and not an imitation of someone else or some kind of model. And so, in hindsight, many people commit themselves only to a small portion of the adventure of existence; they advance hesitantly, feeling extremely frustrated, without knowing or cultivating the simple courage to be. Desjardins' speeches are a strong appeal to a full, intense life, our life. They are an appeal to those who aspire to find, or rediscover, in themselves the audacity to live.

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