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The emotional life of the brain

Author: Richard J. Davidson

Happiness can be trained.

"The book, which brings together thirty years of research, has become a worldwide publishing case." - The print

«The emotional life of the brain it is a revealing essay, full of groundbreaking research, and it will change the way you see yourself and the people around you… Cutting-edge conclusions expressed in a fascinating and compelling way. I loved this book. " - Daniel Goleman

Richard Davidson and Sharon Begley have created a pioneering view of the brain chemistry of our emotions. Based on scientific evidence that meditation and other cognitive practices actually change the brain, the authors allow all of us to truly change our most problematic emotional habits, creating new and more fruitful ones. Exercise a more lively attention, in harmony with others and with one's intuition. All this is possible… and this book shows you how. " - Deepak Chopra

What happens in our brains when we are sad or euphoric, angry or optimistic, or when we are dealing with others? What are the brain structures behind emotional life? Until not many years ago, psychological and neuroscientific research was not interested in the "heart" at all, but only in the "head", that is, in cognitive functions. In the XNUMXs, some scholars embarked on a series of pioneering research that would lead to the emergence of so-called "affective neuroscience". Today Richard Davidson is an absolute protagonist of this new discipline, managing to demonstrate the intuition that struck him at the beginning of the seventies at Harvard: reason and feeling are not irreconcilable polarities, and each corresponds to specific areas and brain functions. On this basis Davidson elaborated the theory of Emotional Styles, six emotional dimensions that describe each person's personality. Since emotions are based on precise neural bases, it is possible to intervene on our behaviors, dysfunctional or not. Neuroscience has even identified a very powerful tool in meditation to modify brain structures, taking advantage of neuroplasticity. To guarantee the value of these researches, Davidson's team of "collaborators" includes nothing less than the Dalai Lama. The brain is not an impenetrable and immutable box as it has been thought for centuries: by improving its functioning, we can live better with ourselves and with others.

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