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Authentic life

Author: Ezra Bayda

At the age of seventy, after a life dedicated to practice, Bayda summarizes in these pages the essential points of her teaching. Drawing on his personal experiences, readings, films and anecdotes, he identifies the resistances that prevent us from truly living life as it is. The practice instructions are sparse and disarming simplicity, but the effect is extraordinary, since they can dismantle the strategies with which we delude ourselves to manipulate our existence. The four parts of the volume ("The territory and the map", "Awakening the mind", "Awakening the emotions" and "Awakening the heart") outline a path of practice that involves every aspect of our life, especially those difficult experiences which seem to hinder any progress. The author, suffering from a serious for years malatia of the immune system, invites us to see in the difficulties of life our path, the teacher who shows us how the self-pity, the complaints, the judgments and the fears that we superimpose on our experiences, all the fantasies we have on how life should be, let them color our every action, preventing us from living in an authentic and free way.

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