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The road to truth

Author: Dalai Lama

All human beings have the same desire: to live a full and happy life and to flee from suffering. An unsatisfied aspiration, which becomes a source of perennial inner dissatisfaction. The Dalai Lama responds to this situation by explaining that the possibility of being happy is within each of us: it is enough to know how to cultivate it. In this volume, His Holiness teaches us not to overestimate the exterior and material goods, to control emotions, to develop awareness of ourselves and love of neighbor. Through daily practices and exercises that can be performed by anyone, he guides the reader to the path that leads to mental calm, in which pain, anger, fear and hate give way to indulgence and compassion. Our heart thus opens to a truer perception of ourselves and of the reality that surrounds us, to a more available and understanding attitude towards others: the only way to access true and lasting happiness.

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