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The practice of awareness in simple words

Author: Henepola Gunaratana

Often those who approach meditation for the first time are told to ... meditate, meditate, meditate. But in what way? Henepola Gunaratana's intent is to give an understandable answer to this question, far from theoretical abstractions. Here is a simple manual, written in a familiar and colloquial language, which little by little wants to explain to the reader what are the fundamentals of the practice of vipassana, the meditation of awareness, used in Theravada Buddhism. The author is concerned first of all to clarify what vipassana is, how it differs from other meditation practices, what are its main purposes. Then, slowly, it descends to a deeper level, and the most common misunderstandings about Buddhist meditation are examined and dispelled. This done, the author can get to the very heart of the book, namely the meditation techniques. Each topic is covered in full: initial instructions, various postures, breathing, walking meditation, concentration and, finally, awareness. Even the most experienced meditators will find tips and advice for dealing with the difficulties and obstacles that may arise in their practice: distractions, pain and fatigue, sleepiness, and so on.


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