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Practicing Lojong. Cultivating Compassion with Mind Training

Author: T. Kyabgon

The teachings translated and commented on in this volume go back to the great tradition of Indian Mahayana Buddhism, which boasts among its greatest exponents Santideva and Atìsa. Both based Buddhist practice on the cultivation of bodhicitta, the mind turned to awakening, through two simple yet fundamental mental attitudes: placing oneself in the place of others and considering oneself identical to others. At the time of spreading Buddhism in Tibet, Atìsa concentrated on the more sober Mahayana teachings suitable for practitioners of all levels, and joined the movement of lojong kadampa, a particular lineage that synthesized the vast Buddhist literature in essential instructions for meditation. Drawing on this tradition that has remained uninterrupted from the tenth century to the present day, Traleg Kyabgon presents the fifty-nine phrases of lojong in this volume, designed to train the mind to fully understand its nature and to gradually transform our imperfections into the perfections of the bodhisattva. His comment, enriched by numerous quotes from ancient and contemporary masters, wants to be an antidote to the victim mentality so widespread among Westerners, since blaming others for their unhappiness, without taking responsibility for their actions, only makes it more oppressive .


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