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The fullness of life

Author: J. Krishnamurti

This volume, divided into three parts, contains new aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching. It begins with a series of lively discussions with a physicist and psychiatrist in Brockwood Park, England; then there is an excerpt from public speeches held in 1977 in America and Europe; finally, conversations with a small international group in Ojai, California follow. Krishnamurti, Professor Bohm and Doctor Shainberg explore the reasons why humanity has lived in chaos and misery for millennia. Together they point to the main cause: the shattering of the mind, conditioned by distinctions of race and nationality, religion and ideology. The material from his recent public talks includes what Krishnamurti has been keen to demonstrate for many years, at different levels of emphasis. He is not concerned with ideas or hypotheses about consciousness, but with the direct understanding of the immediate condition of the psyche, of the very substance of man's personal existence; any theory, philosophy and religious belief is only an abstraction that denies such immediacy. Krishnamurti shows that the mind is almost incessantly caught up in thought, so that it has lost contact with its original unconditional freedom; in the process of thought the mind is bound to time and its space is restricted in identification; if it is freed from thought it recovers a vast space and time takes on a different meaning; the mind reaches a state of clarity and understands the true meaning of love.
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