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The noble and sacred golden light

The King of the Sutra Collection

In the Discourse of the Great Vehicle called The Noble and Sacred Golden Light, you will find the teachings on the Golden Light Sutra. The Suvarnaprabhasottamaraja-sūtra presents the essence of the Buddha's teachings according to their manifestation and not just through research.

Throughout the sutra, the Buddha gives advice on a wide variety of subjects, some of them as challenging as the government of a country and the responsibility of its rulers. It also talks about health and medicine, the law of dependent origination and karma. The famous episode of one of the Buddha's previous lives is moving when he offered his body to a hungry lioness thus showing us the activity of the bodhisattva, the Buddhist hero par excellence.

This sutra is most precious, it brings peace and happiness, it is very powerful in stopping violence and gives countries incredible protection from it. Listening to him, we purify our karma (...) For those with problems, for the dying or for the departed, for those who have the devas who have turned against them and nothing seems to work, for the person towards whom the friends, the beloved, the wife, husband, family members or even the servants get angry if they only open their mouths, for those who see their wealth decline or are damaged by black magic or spirits, for those who experience nightmares or live terrifying events: in these cases we are he should wash, he should wear clean clothes and, with a clear mind, listen to the oral transmission of this text; by doing so, everything will be pacified.

Anyone who hears this sutra will generate a great deal of merit and will be highly valued by the buddhas.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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