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The mind in balance

Author: Alan Wallace.

By making the meditative practices of Buddhism and Christianity dialogue with modern scientific and philosophical theories, B. Alan Wallace it reveals the theoretical analogies underlying these disparate disciplines, and the approach they have in common in finding meaning in the material world.

Wallace begins by exploring the relationship between the meditative traditions of Christianity and Buddhism, outlining a series of meditation exercises that can also be practiced by the reader, which demonstrate that, although Buddhism and Christianity differ in their belief, their methods of cognitive investigation offer similar insights into the nature and origin of consciousness.

From this convergence, Wallace moves on to the approaches of modern cognitive science, quantum mechanics and the philosophy of the mind, and connects the Buddhist and Christian visions to the provocative philosophical theories of Hilary Putnam, Charles Taylor and Bas van Fraassen, and then smoothly incorporates the work of physicists such as Anton Zeilinger, John Wheeler and Stephen Hawking.

Combining the concrete analysis of the concepts of consciousness with a guide to fully cultivate mental attention and a profound meditative practice, Wallace expands the scientific and intellectual mapping of the mind in new, exciting directions.

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