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The mind: where science and spirituality meet

Author: B. Allan Wallace

B.Alan Wallace and Brian Hodel trace the profile of a science of mind based on the contemplative wisdom of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity and Islam, and they do so by starting with exploring the history of science, which tends to ignore the argument "mind" although it is thanks to it that we can understand the world of nature.

The science of mind that Wallace and Hodel propose uses, then, as an instrument of investigation, millenary meditative practices belonging to the great spiritual traditions of the Earth.

Those contained in the last part of the book are of great relevance for people of all faiths and for scientists who want to make their field of investigation of the mind, and at the same time reveal new dimensions of consciousness that can be experienced, overcoming the dogmatism of debate in a leap between Neo-Darwinism and the "great architect" theory.


They wrote


Part One - Is there anything wrong with this picture?

1. Science and Christianity: a restorative marriage
2. When you least expect it: beware of materialism
3. When to believe means to see how beliefs influence perception
4. The mind behind the lens: the limits of scientific objectivity
5. A masked ball

Part Two - Conscience: Completing the Investigation

6. The circle is closed: meeting the East
7. A diamond mind
8. Shed light on the black boxes of mind and matter
9. When science and contemplation explore the mind together
10. A science of consciousness?

Part Three - Tools and technologies for a Buddhist science and contemplation

11. Shamatha: meditative quiescence
12. Vipashayana: meditation on penetrating vision
13. The Great Perfection
14. "Complementary" practices


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