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The mind that breathes

Author: P. Giammaroni

Meditative practice always enjoys a good reputation, but it has been weighed down by various misunderstandings. The more fashionable versions in fact point to a mild daily well-being, or to acquire the technical aspect of this experience, rather than the constant effort to discover one's "true" being, or the depths of "true" wisdom. Even those who distrust oriental philosophies, but respect meditation, can today find clarity from the comparison on how the meditative proposal was born and developed. This work therefore invites us to return to the masters and rediscover them thanks to significant, retranslated or unpublished pages. For the first time in Italy the barriers of time, space and tradition are removed. Thus Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese meditation dialogues with the contemplation of monasteries and the prayer of hermits. Each of the twenty texts is placed on a par, whether it is from the East or the West.


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