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Meditation as a cure

Author: Daniel Goleman

Can the meditation be used as a real method of care for our mind and soul? 

In recent years, meditation has gone from being an elite practice to a remedy for solving any problem, from overweight to relationships and success at work. The plasticity of the brain, whereby the structure of this organ is influenced by emotions and mental states, is now widely shared and has paved the way for a series of "mental training" methods that aim to improve emotional and intellectual life .

Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson in this book they tell about their thirty-year interest in meditation and the fundamental research that made them luminaries in psychology and neuroimaging respectively, explaining the medical truth about what meditation can truly do for us, and how to get the most out of it benefit.

By clearing away popular myths and pseudo-scientific distortions, the authors demonstrate that, beyond mental well-being, meditation can lead to permanent modification of personality traits, bringing out qualities like altruism, empathy and compassion.

To achieve this, however, some elements are needed that are currently missing in the most common version of mindfulness: such as personalized feedback and a wider view of the self than it happens now.

For this reason, based on the latest data obtained in Davidson's laboratory, the authors indicate new methods to develop more effective and longer lasting mental training.


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