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The strength to be better

Author: Vito Mancuso

We live according to a development model that adores objects, not reading, culture, social and political participation. We consume, we pollute, but in this way we devastate ourselves and our planet. Being better has therefore become an urgency, and ethical and spiritual work a necessity that cannot be postponed. But how can we give birth to the desire to practice good? Where to find a motivation that knows how to free us from the chains of the ephemeral / of society, a driving force that gives impetus to our constant need for healing and our infinite desire for beauty? Rediscovering our roots that sink into classical culture and Christian tradition, Vito Mancuso accompanies us on a journey along the path of the four cardinal virtues, and offers a new perspective of meaning for our lives at the mercy of the tumultuous winds of existence. Because only the one who no longer tries to win and prevail, but recovers the deep sense of being strong, wise and temperate, can finally be right, and flourish in harmony with the world.

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