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The power of meditation

Author: Daniel Goleman

Ours is increasingly a hectic existence, punctuated by an obsessive search for novelty to heal from boredom.

We do pirouettes, acrobatics, we are more and more able to solve our infinite, often useless, daily tasks; let's explore the most superficial layer of things because what interests us most is how they can come in handy.

But in this scenario the richness of our sensitivity and the depth of our intellectual faculties risk drying up: we lose the awareness that another vision of the world is possible.

The East, with its religiosity, its rites, its divinities increasingly represents the antidote for all those who feel suffocated by a repetitive and organized life down to its smallest details, but in the mare magnum of a culture that is foreign to us, we need safe guidance. In this book, Daniel Goleman with his usual popular talent he describes the various meditative techniques and the way in which they make possible a new perception of things, richer in nuances, fuller of meanings, more real.


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