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The strength of good

Author: Daniel Goleman

One of the most listened spiritual teachers of our time, the Dalai Lama has never tired of promoting a vision of society rooted in a profound understanding of human nature.

Daniel Goleman has undertaken with him a path of reflection on our future, addressing issues such as universal respect and peace, a policy based on awareness and sharing, dialogue between religions and the importance of kindness and compassion in relationships humans. These pages, which collect all the most important teachings of the Tibetan master, show us how these are supported by empirical evidence. But not only that: they show us how to put them into practice through the example of people who have been able to turn their compassion to the service of good. Developing a deep inner balance, knowing how to recognize and manage one's emotions, an intelligent sentimental education: these are the keys to inner growth and therefore to human progress. “By distracting us from our usual mental diet of worries, frustrations, hopes and fears, compassion shifts our attention to something greater and this motivates us, gives us energy. Just being able to escape from the prison of our little daily dramas brings happiness. "

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