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Depression and the body

Author: Alexander Lowen

Here is a revolutionary plan to overcome depression, devised by a distinguished psychiatrist. The depressed person, says Lowen, has lost contact with reality and especially with his own body. This pioneering book teaches us to overcome depression by activating stagnant life forces and training the mind and body to respond with the same readiness with which a perfectly tuned instrument responds to the touch of the virtuoso. Drawing on his vast experience with depressed patients, Lowen urges a return to the body, to reestablish communications with our unique self-expression tool. From a practical point of view, Lowen presents a series of simple but effective exercises that can awaken the depressed person to his intrinsic energies and teach him to express his love, his independence, his uniqueness and his essential reality. Man cannot exist separated from his own body, indeed there cannot exist any form of mental existence independent of physical existence. And it is on the basis of this certainty that Lowen's conception frees all its revolutionary charge. Only by working at the same time on the body and on the mind, without diminishing or neglecting one of the two in favor of the other, can one fully act on the totality of man, restoring him the physical and spiritual forces indispensable for an integral, free and spontaneous life.

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