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Breath awareness

Author: Buddhadasa

Breath is vital, natural, calming, revealing. Faithful companion, he follows us in every place and moment, nourishing life and profoundly influencing both body and mind. A good, long, deep, quiet breathing is not only a source of spiritual development. Like the asanas of yoga practices, awareness of the breath is the fundamental technique for achieving various objectives, first of all a more harmonious and serene life. In fact, the more present to what surrounds us and to our reactions, we will be able to live with more wisdom in the immediate moment. This practice, expounded by the Buddha in the famous Anapanasati Sutta ("Speech on the awareness of breath"), translated here, has become the subject of many commentaries over the centuries. In his exposition, a veritable 'meditation course' addressed to the western guests of his monastery, Master Buddhadasa aims to provide the simple, step-by-step and comprehensive instruction indispensable to any serious beginner. Avoiding excessive complexity, and without losing sight of the overall picture of Buddhist teaching, the Path and the Purpose, the teacher explains step by step what one must do to start or develop one's meditation practice.

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