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The creative connection

Author: N. Rogers

Natalie Rogers has developed a process called "Creative Connection" which connects all the expressive arts to tap into the deep source of creativity that lies within each of us.

The goal is to find ourselves and help others to recover their identity as actively playful, lively and aware individuals.

The author stresses the importance of psychological security and freedom while practicing the creative arts. This reflects his extensive work with his father, Carl Rogers, and a deep belief in the person-centered approach to counseling.

Rogers' practical suggestions help counselors who intend to include the expressive arts in their therapeutic sessions.


  1. The path to wholeness. Person-centered expressive art therapy
  2. Facilitate creativity
  3. Begin the exploration
  4. The Creative Connection - part I: movement and writing
  5. The Creative Connection - part II: art, music and meditation
  6. Use the expressive arts with clients
  7. Further applications of the expressive arts
  8. Accept the shadow, embrace the light
  9. Tracking spirituality through art
  10. Intercultural bridges
  11. Creativity and awareness for the future
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