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Kathmandu- diary from the Kali Yuga

Author: Franco Battiato, Teresa De Sio, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti

An initiatory itinerary made of sounds and guiding words to discover the mythical sacred city of Kathmandu, the splendid pearl of Himalaya nestled between the glittering peaks of Nepal. The refined sounds of the Stenopeica's musical formation blend with the voice and the precious artistic contributions of Franco Battiato, Teresa De Sio and Giovanni Lindo Ferretti. An authentic diary from the Kali Yuga - the dark final epoch which, according to ancient Indian mythology, concludes a cosmic cycle - composed of texts, photographs and as many as 20 musical tracks (lasting 77 minutes) that tell of a metropolis in living skin and how this same screaming universe still knows how to dispense flashes of authentic splendor and unspeakable as sharp beauty. An unmissable work for anyone with eardrums capable of soaring towards the sky of the fixed stars… Book with CD Audio with texts and images by Martino Nicoletti and music by Roberto Passuti.

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