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Jo Mo

Author: Carla Giannotti

In the various itineraries of contemporary Buddhism, the spiritual search of women in recent decades has also and above all become a search for 'places of recognition', places capable of weaving a symbolic universe of possible genealogies and female spiritual models. From the research of these places comes this book dedicated to the spiritual achievements of twenty-four Tibetan ascetics, who lived between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, disciples of the Indian siddha Dampa Sangye. These are short hagiographies of these 'ascetic women', called jo mo, here for the first time translated into Italian from the original Tibetan, who led a life far from the world, in the solitude of the mountains or concealing their real identity. , but marked by extraordinary spiritual achievements such as to allow tracing the image of a Buddhist asceticism also conjugated to the feminine.

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